Akodo Shingen

The son of Akodo Sekihara carries his father's soul


Akodo Shingen is the son of Akodo Sekihara, a renowned commander of the Lion Clan who perished during peasant uprisings three years ago. On that day, Akodo Gintaku, daimyo of the Akodo family, returned Sekihara’s katana to the family. Shingen, on hearing of his father’s death, swore his service to Akodo Gintaku above all others, an oath that Gintaku readily accepted. Since his gempukku, Shingen has served the Akodo daimyo directly.

Shingen participated in the Test of the Topaz Championship in 1500, and is a quickly rising star in the ranks of the Lion Clan. There are rumors that Gintaku will give him command of a unit soon, though both Gintaku and Shingen deny them.

Personally, Shingen is a man driven by honor. He believes in the edicts handed down by Akodo in the form of the code of Bushido. He is often found reading his heavily annotated copy of Akodo’s Leadership. He can also be found reading the Book of Sun Tao, somewhat controversially for a Lion, but when asked replies “Wisdom in warfare comes from many sources.” He is well-liked by his fellow Lion, though he has had difficulty when interacting with samurai of other clans.

Name: Akodo Shingen
School/Rank: Akodo Bushi 1
Honor: 3.4
Glory: 2
Infamy: 1
Status: 1
Shadowlands Taint: 0

Earth: 2
Water: 3
Fire: 3
Air: 2
Void: 3

Kenjutsu 3
Iaijutsu 1
War Fans 1
Kyujutsu 1
Defense 2
Battle (Mass Combat) 3
Lore: History 1
Storytelling 1
Investigation 2

Sacred Weapon (Akodo Blade) 6
Tactician 4

Obligation (Akodo Gintaku) 6
Driven (Serve the Lion Clan) 2

School Techniques:
Rank 1 – ‘The Way of the Lion’
You may either ignore Armor or gain a Free Raise when attacking. Also, you may gain a Free Raise on your first melee attack against an opponent in a skirmish, or against any opponent who has declared a Raise on an attack against you since your last turn. Though these two effects are cumulative, you only gain one Free Raise for an enemy who Raised against you, no matter how many times they actually Raised. When rolling for damage or for a contested Battle Roll, you may add your Water Ring to the total.

Akodo Shingen

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